Walking Words Door Hangers
Features & Benefits

  • WWDHs limit sales per area to help insure that you get the best possible response rate and return on your investment.

  • Unique, patent-pending key-hole shape attaches to door knobs quickly and easily for faster distribution.

  • Choose from a variety of pre-designed coupons or customize your own. Other custom elements (i.e. your logo, company name, slogan, association insignias, etc.) can also be included on your WWDHs.

  • Our professional advertising team works for you to create a big company image on a small company budget.

  • WWDHs are designed to project a friendly image and spark curiosity.

  • Unlike typical junk mail, WWDHs demand attention and get noticed.

  • Education based advertising on back-side builds credibility.

  • Heavy paperweight and rounded corners add credibility.

  • WWDHs can hyper-focus your advertising to bring in the best jobs from the best areas.

  • With WWDHs’ extra high response rates, you can cluster your work in a smaller area – and reduce your drive time between jobs.


  • Distribute around unexpected weather conditions.

  • Distribute around world, national and local events.

  • Advertise where, when and how much you want to advertise.

  • WWDHs can be quickly utilized to fill in slow times by both generating jobs and/or putting technicians to work distributing.

  • Keeping a ready supply of WWDHs on hand is like money in the bank.

  • WWDHs can serve as your exclusive prospecting tool or can be used as a supplement to your current marketing plan.