Walking Words Door Hangers
Distribution Suggestions

  • Do not place Door Hangers in mailboxes it is less effective, and illegal.

  • Always attach Door Hangers to door knobs or somewhere on the door, never just leave Door Hanger on doorstep.

  • 2 by 2 distribution is less efficient, and difficult to stay together in most cases.

  • For best results, each distributor should work independently.

  • Personal two-way radios are recommended.

  • Keep a master map at one location and provide field maps for distributors to mark off streets.

  • First establish area boundaries on map, then distribute by working in a circular fashion, always turning in the same direction at each corner you come to while staying within set boundaries.

  • Spot-check distribution by phone or visually until distributor is proven trustworthy.

  • Be careful walking across yards.

  • Distributors should not enter home or garage for any reason.

  • Carry dog repellent (pepper spray).

  • Carry water on warm days.

  • Avoid time wasting conversations with homeowners, but be friendly.

  • Obey all local laws and ordinances.

  • Tell distributors not to throw away left over Door Hangers at the end of the day. Explain that Door Hangers actually cost money, and can be used the following day.

  • Recruit your local Boy Scout troop to distribute your door hangers as a fund raiser. Encourage them to wear thier uniforms while working.

  • “5-Around Distribuition” - After a job, have technicians place door hangers at both neighbors, and 3 homes across the street from the original service call.

  • Realize that there are many people who would consider this kind of work (distributing door hangers) a dream job, and can be trusted to canvas an area thoroughly.

How to Compensate Distributors

  • Hourly.

  • Piecework – by the door hanger or by the number of homes canvassed.

  • Distributor could be paid a bigger set referral fee per job or a small bonus per job on top of their minimum pay (hourly or piecework).

  • Technicians could receive an extra percentage of any jobs their “marked” door hangers generate.

  • Free distribution, by owner operators and their families, or company technicians after each job or during slow times.