Door Hanger Back Options




(Any back panel can be used with any front panel design.)

Educational: No changes possible for this door hanger back. This back is excellent in areas where there is a heavy concentration of competing dry cleaners. How do you know? Check your local yellow pages.

Services: Use any combination of services and/or coupons on this panel.

Custom: This blank canvas is entirely up to you. Choose any sort of advertsing, company profile, photos, additional coupons, public service announcement, or any other elements you choose to print. You could even sell this space to a complementary company or advertiser.

Please specify all back panel options on your order form. Click on the order form link above to download your order form. 

To view a clearer, scalable page of the coupons shown below, click here.

Sample Coupons for Back Panels (Services and Custom only):