History of Walking Words Door Hangers

The Problem: Los Angeles 1986… I was ready to start my own carpet cleaning company in a market area with possibly more carpet cleaners per capita than any other major city in the world. My competitors were generating a flood of advertising, hitting my potential customers daily. Their methods of solicitation were primarily telemarketing and printed ads of every kind.

After securing my equipment, chemicals, and truck, I had only a few thousand dollars left to launch an ad campaign. With a wife, five children and one on the way, I had no room for failure. If my advertising efforts did not pull in enough work on my very first try, I would be out of business before I started.

The Options: What advertising medium should I use?

  • I hated telemarketing and the “one-down” relationship the technician was immediately placed in. This is the natural outcome of a phone solicitor asking to perform a service in someone’s home as opposed to that same customer initiating their own request for the services I provided.

  • Large and strong Yellow Page ads offered credibility, but were very expensive and not cost effective for building and/or expanding a customer base.

  • Radio ads are glamorous when done well. But the high investment of a quality production and airtime is lost if the customer doesn’t recognize or remember the name of the company they hear in a radio ad.

  • Direct mail or coupons are easy and often generate a decent response, which is why so many businesses use them. However, the heavy use of this “junk mail” approach dilutes its effectiveness, and often degenerates the entire medium into a price war in which only the “bait and switchers” can flourish.

  • Of course word-of-mouth is the best advertising, but the only way this can generate a new surge of business is if you take your mouth or someone else’s mouth, and go door to door.

The Solution: Door Hangers!… Most ignore door hangers as a legitimate form of advertising. Or if they do choose to use them, they invest little into their look or design, and end up producing something that looks like another ugly piece of junk mail. Yet a well-designed door hanger with a good offer is the most powerful mass-advertising tool you will likely ever use! — I GUARANTEE IT!! — How can I be so sure? Because I've done it — several times.

The Results: This takes us back to Los Angeles 1986 and my first experiment in door hanger advertising. With the help of a talented artist, we got lucky and created a great-looking layout on our first attempt. I added to this design the right offer and then passed them out in the best areas of town. I was unprepared for what happened next.

Within 48 hours, the door hangers, distributed by just two people, had generated so much business that I was booking jobs out over one week in advance… The results were astounding! Not only was I immediately buried in work for several weeks; I was pulling the best jobs from the best areas, with a job average almost triple what I had ever done before.

I was BLOWN AWAY!!! With those kinds of results, I knew I had created a potent tool to rise above my competition and would keep those results a guarded secret for the next 18 years.

The Proof: The success of my door hangers in California was amazing! My family and I later relocated to Utah and I wondered if they would work here also. To put it simply, YES! It was like I had never missed a beat. I was able to start up again just as quickly and easily as I had the first time, relying exclusively on another uniquely designed door hanger. From the beginning up to now, the power of these door hangers has been proven in two very different markets (California & Utah) and in many different kinds of cities, neighborhoods and income levels. Except for a few experimental designs, my door hangers have never failed to deliver incredible results and all the work I wanted for bottom line profits and happy days.

The Benefits to You: My efforts in designing these current door hangers were to help my sons start their own carpet cleaning business. This got me thinking… “Maybe it’s time to share my designs with carpet cleaners everywhere.”

To do this, I've produced original, copyrighted art work & photography, included my patent-pending shape for fast distribution, and combined these with very high volume production (several orders at a time), making affordable to any who wish, the best, and lowest cost door hangers I’ve ever produced…

In fact, your cost is much lower than any price I've ever paid for my own door hangers and far less than what other companies charge for their cheap looking junk. Call me for current pricing or go to the pricing page.

Over the years I've experimented with different designs and offers, learning that while a dynamic door hanger can make you a lot of money, a door hanger alone will not compensate for a poor design. So don’t try this at home, boys and girls, but if you do… take my sample around to printers, and see if you can beat my prices. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of high quality artwork. Then get back to me.

My Promise & Guarantee: It is my expectation and promise that if you choose to advertise with my door hangers, your experience will be as positive and successful as my own. To this end, I am committed to going through the entire advertising process with you. So on your first order and for a limited time:

Take the first 10,000 Door Hangers in a minimum order of 25,000, follow the directions for effective distribution. If within 30 days you don’t agree that Walking Words Door Hangers are the most powerful mass-advertising tool you’ve ever used, return the remaining 15,000 for a full 100% refund on those unused door hangers. Remember, I will only sell one of each design per area. So don’t diddle around with this, or it will be your competition that locks up and uses your favorite design, instead of you!